Marta Kiniewicz

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Marta Kiniewicz


As a graduate of art history, I have searched long for original inspiration and the confidence needed to develop my own way of artistic expression. I went back to school, this time to study painting. Thanks to the support of my wonderful teachers and a creative program consisting of drawing, basic graphic workshop, sculpture, computer design, modern art analysis and photography, I finally believed that I may now have something to say...



I want my paintings to reflect the age-old problems and tensions in family life, especially the hardships of being a child and pains of growing up, discovering social bonds and surviving everyday conficts with siblings. They are all black and white as a tribute to their source ( family photographs ). But also the lack of colour enables the viewer to focus their attention on the meaning of the picture and their often uncertain and very personal interpretation thereof. I use many different methods and styles of applying paint to evoke divers emotions and associations.



This is an ongoing, never-ending project. I feel a strong need to search for contact and interaction with all forms of creativity, in museums as well as in the streets and in everyday life. I'm very aware of transience of every moment, which photography can capture much better than a painting. This is a testimony to my ever-present, alert and sensitive observing of the reality that surrounds me.



This is absolutely amazing: what you can see, when you actually look and observe. 



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